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Educational Resources

3821 Lorna Road, Suite 118 Hoover, AL 35244

989-8333 dhminor@bellsouth.net


Educational Resources is a site for special testing for the ACT.  Testing is done individually or in small groups September through June of each year.  After we send ACT your childís completed registration, ACT requires 4-6 weeks to evaluate request and send testing materials back to Educational Resources.

I.       Qualified School Representative completes the following sections:

      E. Diagnosed Disability

      F. Test Format

      G. Time

      H. Other Accommodations

I.                   Verification of Diagnosed Disability & Current Accommodations

1.       Specific Disability

2.       This section must reflect recent (within 3 years) reevaluation

3.       Documentation currently on file

4.       Current time accommodations at school

            *Attach first page of IEP or 504 and accommodations page from IEP or 504

            J. Signature of School Official


II.                Parent/Student completes the following sections:

A.     Studentís Information

                              K   Student or Parent Signature


III.              Send completed registration with attachments to Educational Resources with two checks:

A.     Check to ACT for $34 (no writing) or $49.50 (ACT plus writing)

B.     Check to Shanan Barthold for $40 (one time fee for school year August - June)

   Students may take the ACT Special Testing every 60 days (September-June of each year).  ACT requires a testing fee for each registration. Shanan makes copies of all documentation, completes initial and additional registration, contacts school official for additional information if required by ACT, and schedules all testing times and proctors.


We will complete section B (Supervisor), C and D (tentative testing date) and send to ACT. When ACT sends the testing materials back to us, Shanan Barthold will contact you to set up the testing time.  The specific testing time will not be set up until we have the test in hand and check to see if the correct material has been sent to us. You will also receive a confirmation letter from ACT (testing time is tentative). If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly at 989-8333 or email dhminor@bellsouthh.net.

Debbie Minor, Director

Shanan Barthold, Assistant Director